How is MANAL PARIS different from other jewelers offering tailor-made?

At MANAL PARIS, our strength is get to know you better in order to offer you real personalized support. In addition, our designer Manal has a keen eye for detail and with her vast knowledge of jewelry, she knows how to capture your style and your desires. Above all, it can guide you towards the design that will best suit the shape of your hand. Because like a wedding dress, not all cuts are suitable for all body types. And the best is to be accompanied to make a ring made especially for you. That's it the real custom-made .

Where can we buy your jewelry ?

On the website when ordering online, as well as on most social networks with the "Buy now" button. Also in our showroom "L'Appartement MANAL PARIS" in Paris. It is entirely possible to come and try and order a piece of jewelry, it will then be tailor-made for you in our Paris workshop. Please note that it will not be possible to leave directly with most of our jewelry. Only some of them are available on site. We recommend that you contact us and < strong> make an appointment at the MANAL PARIS Apartment so that we can organize your visit as best as possible.

What is your creative process for 'a custom engagement ring?

  • The first meeting takes place at your home (Parisians) or in the MANAL PARIS apartment to discover your personality and your universe. Our designer Manal listens to you, advises you and designs the ring of your dreams . It is also an important step because we define together the center stone of your engagement ring according to your budget . < / li>
  • We then carry out a design of your creation by computer. Without commitment, this step reassures and convinces the undecided and constitutes our working basis. It is billed at € 190. You can also try a prototype of your ring made by 3D printing (“the resin”).
  • You like the design, we then select the center stone. Once everything is validated, we ask for a 50% deposit of the order and we start manufacturing your ring in our Parisian workshop .

Let's draw yours!

How long does it take to make a custom engagement ring?

It depends on you, it happens that some customers decide on the design and the stone from the first meeting -you. But for others, a second appointment may be necessary.

Once the order is confirmed, we start manufacturing in our Parisian workshop and your creation is ready in 4 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the chosen design .

Where do your stones come from?

We only work with natural diamonds certified according to the Kimberley Process which certifies to our customers that diamonds do not come from zones conflict.

All diamonds over 0.3 carats are certified by the prestigious GIA and HRD laboratories .

Our colored stones come from all over the world and we only offer stones that we would like to wear ourselves. We select excellent quality stones from our trusted suppliers with whom we have been working for years.

Can I supply my stone to you?

We accept your center stones , but unfortunately we do not take small paving stones because they are often damaged or broken.

< strong> Where does the gold you use come from?

We attach particular importance to ensuring that all the gold used in our creations is only recycled gold . Knowing that gold extraction is a polluting industry and that there is enough gold alreadỳ extracted to cover the demand of the entire jewelry industry for the next 50 years, recycled gold is refined to serve again. All our models are made with 18k gold .

What materials do you use? you?

We only work with precious metals: silver, gold and platinum to you guarantee resistant jewelry that lasts over time and that you can pass on.

Where do you make your jewelry?

We are a young company that works handcrafted. Our jewelry is made in France , in our Parisian manufacturing workshops which works for the major Parisian jewelry houses and that is labeled “Responsible Jewelery Council”. All our jewelry is therefore ethical and responsible. We guarantee exceptional know-how, each piece is handcrafted and we carefully control each stage of its realization.

Get it done also men's wedding rings?

Absolutely, we take care of you gentlemen as well and we create your wedding rings with the same quality requirements.

We are often asked by men who want bespoke bespoke creations (rings, necklaces and bracelets to wear everyday).

I live abroad, can I order a custom engagement ring at MANAL PARIS?

We are used to it to work remotely thanks to the possibilities offered by technology today. You usually send us emails, photos and videos allowing us to know your wishes as best as possible and to offer you the design that suits you best.

What is Vermeil?

Vermeil is a precious metal made of solid silver covered with 18 carat gold.

Can I go into the water with my vermeil jewelry?

We carefully control each step of the realization of each of our creations in order to offer you resistant jewelry. They should not be subjected to the worst torture, however, and we recommend that you take great care in avoiding direct contact with perfumes and cosmetics. Contact with water is tolerated provided that it does not occur repeatedly and dry the jewelry well afterwards.

The pink vermeil is still more fragile and we do not recommend any contact with water.

We also recommend that you store your jewelry individually in their case and away from humidity.